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It's a Wrap!

It’s time to jump in and begin your project. You have defined your style and look, and you are ready with the right contractor for your project. Time to really get started!

One thing to think about is who is the one person who will hold all the pieces of the puzzle to make the project come together and have the expected result. This may be where you bring in a designer to help understand all the options and make sure all the elements all tie together.

Every item should relate to another, especially if you are working in a new home. From doorknobs to cabinet hardware to faucet design, each piece needs to have something in common. This goes further when you mix in tile colors, stone colors, size and style, floor colors, carpet colors, light fixtures, and lighting colors. The selections are seemingly endless!

The cohesion should even go in between different rooms and areas of your home. However, I am not a bed in a bag girl! I like to mix and match so rooms stay interesting, and you don’t fall into monotony. I am currently working on a mountain house, and I promise there will not be one pinecone light or antler chandelier. There are too many options that are available to create the look and feel of a mountain house without the typical representation.

Another thing that a professional brings to the table is a set of options that are not easily seen. These are things not posted on Pinterest or Instagram, that are fresh, original, and ready to be used in your home to make all your friends and family say, “I never would have thought of that!” or “I have never seen that before.”

Having one person who knows all the pieces and parts of a remodel or new construction is the key to success!


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