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It’s a wrap! Finishing touches for any remodel

Your remodel is just about finished! Whether you did a kitchen or bath, full or soft remodel the last pieces are the finishing touches. Think of it like buying a beautiful little black dress. You look lovely, no question about it, but once you add a little jewelry then you really can make a statement.

The jewelry of a remodel are the accessories, towels, small plants, baskets – all the little things that make a space truly express you. Here is where you can bring in color without making a commitment to something that’s permanent.

Towels are often a great place to start in both a kitchen and a bath. In the bath, look to layer your towel with different colors. The bath towel can be your strong color, your hand towel a neutral, and you washcloth a bold pop of color. I love to play with my towels and have towels I use for spring and summer, and fall and winter. I would suggest buying a bunch of different options so you can play with it a bit, then you can return what you do not use. For the kitchen, you can have dish towels, tea towels, and pot holders. Maybe look at a black and white with a pop of color on your potholders that you can carry over to a beautiful tray for the island. And don’t forget you have rugs in both the bath and kitchen to add even more personality.

I have become a big fan of a company called Ruggable. These are washable rugs that come with a Velcro attaching pad. What part of that statement do we not like? They come in great colors and patterns and are affordable also. Particularly in the kitchen and bath, having a rug you can just throw in the wash would be a huge game changer.

When you look at your new space as a whole and you’re considering the specific “jewelry” to add, I think there are three things that bring life to a room: fruit, florals, and fire! Try to use at least one of these in every room. In both the bath and kitchen, you can use all three or at least two. Bring in your favorite scent and a great bit of greenery. I love succulents and a vase that I can put stems in. This gives me the options I need to mix and match.

The bigger stuff like mirrors and baskets really set the stage and feel of a space. I love a decorative mirror over a large plate glass mirror because they are easy to change and give great personality to the room. Baskets give us a dual purpose with storage options and design. Use them for adding a bit of texture and personality. Another option to consider is art. I know we’ve talked about art here before, but it’s one of the few things that is always unique and personal to each home. Plus, using art in a kitchen or bath can be so fun and playful. Have some fun here and try not to be typical in your selections, like food in the kitchen or bath photos for the bath. Maybe a collection of cows or watercolors of dogs or cats. Think outside the box, bring in your personality and make your new space feel like you!


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