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It's time to find green

The end of January and the beginning of February are the hardest time of the year for me. I struggle with gray days and lots of rain really makes me feel blue. The gray can really bring me down. I think I just wrote a new song, ha!

I talk about this every year, and every year I create new ways to bring green and bright yellow to a space. Two things that will always brighten a home. I love forcing bulbs, or bringing in ferns to add color and green. Creating the feeling of spring is so important when you are feeling sad or just antsy for warmer weather.

Let’s look at new ways to add the feeling of spring to our homes. I have some great pieces from my mom that I want to use in new ways. They look amazing when I fill them with flowers or live plants, so now let’s try bulbs. I love to use a few of her silver pieces, cool ceramics and bowls to layer the bulbs or succulents.

Succulents are the new wave of forcing bulbs, and just like this trend they last longer. Succulents love sun and do not need a lot of water or soil. They are great to hang in a pot or place in a grouping. You can find many varieties, colors and blooms.

If you have a strawberry pot, look how amazing it can look when filled with beautiful succulents. Or if you have wonderful old ceramics, like my mom’s, you can create your own new treasures.

Growing new succulents is easy and you can start them by simply placing them on soil, a bit of water, and they regenerate without much effort.

And when you treat them right, they grow!

Let’s bring on the green with bulbs or succulents and feel a bit of sunshine. 


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