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Keeping things cool! Refrigerators, drink drawers and more

Refrigerators - as you probably have realized- are an appliance that comes in many shapes and sizes. From the sub zero to French door to the side by side. They all come in different sizes, styles and colors. Looking at how you use your space is the key. Are you entertaining and need the doors to be wide enough for trays and drinks? Do you have kids and need lots of space for pizza and juice boxes? Or are you looking for something cool to make your kitchen a show stopper with a custom color that ties perfectly with your countertop? More and more I’m seeing refrigerators in colors like blue, olive green and even coral. There are tons of colors to choose from, I feel this could be something really fun in the future.

When you step into the design phase of planning your kitchen this is where appliances should be considered. Let's look at the sub zero. This fridge is taller but narrower so it sits really nice in its space and you have the double doors for full access and storage. The price can push some people away from purchasing, but you cannot go wrong with the style of this fridge. Kitchenaid and Frigidaire have a professional line that resembles the sub zero, but the cost is a lot more reasonable.

I am in love with the new Café series with the warm gold handles. The style is amazing, the function is incredible. You get the French door look with a counter-depth design. Their matte white color is stunning and keeps the kitchen open and light. The price is in the $2,600 range based on where you live.

Thermador and again Frigidaire have amazing fridge options, but they do not have a freezer in all models. Be sure to check out all the options before ordering. I recently had a client order a fridge, but they did not realize the model they purchased did not have a freezer. This is a new feature that allows you to have a full fridge and full freezer space. It’s a great option…if that’s what you were looking for.

Talking about features, many fridges have an easy access door for frequently used items. It’s a great place to store milk, salad dressings, yogurt, drink boxes etc. Fast in and out without opening the whole refrigerator. Drawers are available to hold drinks, produce, cheese and more. These usually sit below the main fridge section, that way it does not take up more of the main space. Look for the option you need to really make this appliance work for you and your lifestyle.

I love the new view doors that let you see what is inside and the option to create a shopping list for items you are running short on. You can sync this with your phone, so when you go shopping you are ready to go.

Drink drawers have become very popular in the kitchen and the beverage center. This is a drawer that stores drinks, produce and frequently needed items. I love these for kids, they’re easy to use and keeps the main fridge clean of the small stuff. Another great use is for the professional chef. To keep one near the prep area allows the chef to have all the ingredients nearby and on hand for easy prep and cooking.

Last but not least is the beverage fridge. This can be for wine, beer or any kind of soft drink. When I design a kitchen, I like to move the microwave and the beverage center to a space that is away from the cooking area. I am in the strong opinion that we should be spreading our gathering spaces so family and guests can be comfortable while the cook is preparing the meal.

Take the time to research what you need in a refrigerator and what brands offer the details. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or just aren’t seeing what you’re looking for, ask a designer to help you. They will help to present all the ideas and options, then you can fill in the blanks.



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