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Let's do this thing together

So you’ve put together a few Pinterest boards and idea books on houzz, the ideas are flowing, the stars are in your eyes and you want to make things amazing! Where do you start?

The best thing to do is come up with a master plan, or a house plan.  This plan lays out all the ideas and projects you want to do. I’ve been in my house for 10 + years. I did a bath remodel after my first two years in the house, a soft kitchen remodel 4 years ago, and the living room has always been a work in progress. The cobbler’s daughter syndrome is certainly alive and well for me. I always do things for my clients, and I miss the opportunity to make my own home beautiful.

So let’s do this thing together. I'll post changes and updates to my own house as I do them over the next few months and slip them into the blog. I’ll share the ups and downs, and the pitfalls that always come with remodeling.

Break out the paper, computer or iPhone and make some notes. What would make you live exceptionally? Not everything has to be a big thing.  Small things count too, like changing the faucet in the kitchen, or changing your shower head. A fresh paint color or new towels.

I try to balance the pretty with the required. If you add new towels to the bath, do a deep cleaning while you’re at it and reseal the grout to fight mildew.

Same idea for the kitchen. Add new zippy glasses or dishes, but pair it with a deep cleaning in the kitchen and reseal your granite countertops. Did you know you really should reseal your countertops every other year? Granite is very porous, and moisture can hide in the crevasses. Granite sealer can be found at your home improvement store and is applied with a sponge and dries in minutes.

These are some of the little things that can make a real difference and move you on your way to a beautiful home.



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