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Let's get organized

We all make resolutions about getting organized and decluttering our homes every January. But these can often be like a fitness resolution that in 30 days are forgotten and not accomplished. Just like a fitness routine, being organized is a way of life. Thinking about what you bring into your home is a lot like what we put into our bodies.

Start with something that is small and easily accomplished. Let’s look at the linen closet, the pantry, or even your spices. I just went through my spices and could not believe how old some of mine were. I found one from 2010! Can you imagine what that tasted like? My guess is dust. I am not a very neat person, or someone whose house will ever make a perfect Pinterest page. But I love my house and how I live, and that’s really what we’re seeking.

I am going to start with the linen closet. Step one, pull out all the towels and sheets from all the shelves. Group together the sets of sheets by size. If you do not have a twin bed anymore, then let the sheets go or just keep one set. This applies to your towels as well. If they are torn, stained or just not your favorite, it is time to donate. A great place to donate your old towels is an animal shelter or your vet. My vet took all the sheets and towels that I could offer. If your sheets and towels are in good shape, think about donating to a shelter or a women’s group. Your gift can lift others!

I recently picked up a great book, Love your home again by Ann Lightfoot and Kate Pawlowski. This book is full of great ideas and photos to help you get the job done. And my house will never look like their photos, but it’s still a great tool to get you started.  

Next, let’s go through products. I’m talking make up, toiletry, medicine, cleaning, the whole nine yards. Pull all of this out and look at the expiration dates. If it is expired, let it go. Next, look at how much is in the product. If it is less than ¼, let it go! Also, if you have a bunch of products you do not use or think you might one day, I promise you won’t!  And when you finally do, it will be expired.

By clearing out the space, you will have room for the things you really want, like a silky lotion, new hair conditioner or a romantic candle. The secret to organizing anything or any space, it is all about the end result. Give yourself the time you need to do the job and then give yourself a reward for taking the time to make a space great. For me, cheers to a nice glass of red wine.




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