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Let's Love Your House

Welcome to Love Your House! A blog aimed at teaching you how to love your home and make it everything you want it to be.  My plan is to show you different ways to look at your house, the things in your house and how to create a space you love to spend time in and show off to your friends and family. Have you ever thought, “Boy, I wish I knew all the things to do to keep my house current?” And, “How do I do them?” Here is your chance! This is all meant to be informational and to bring you ideas and information for a better home.  If you would like a personal consultation on a project, please email me through my web site, and we can set up a time to look at your personal needs.

Hi, my name is Laura Redd, of Laura Redd Interiors, and I have been an interior designer, remodeler, and new construction specialist for 20 plus years. I’ve seen and accumulated a lot of knowledge and ideas for maintaining and improving a home that can be truly life changing. Tips and simple adjustments that have big impacts, and now I want to share this info with you.

It does not matter if you have a big house or small, lots of money or just a little, this blog is about creating a great space exactly where you are in your life.

Also, this is a space to introduce you to my upcoming books called Savvy Gals’ Guide to Home Improvement and Maintenance or The Man’s Manual for Home Improvement and Maintenance.  In these, you will go through each month with a “to do” list of items to work on, improve or clean, and at the end of a year, you will have maintained your entire home, updated some things and learned a few new tricks that will help you keep your home up-to-date and current.  And when you get ready to sell, you will have a great home that’s current, well-maintained, and worth top dollar.

My plan is to add posts every week, based on current design projects and remodels that will bring great ideas and tips to your home.  We’ll also look at crazy things we see, new technology and trends that will keep you current and on your toes. So, let’s get started.



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