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Make it Spring!

Love Your House Blog is all about loving your home. For me, that means loving it both inside and out. When spring comes, I love to move into my gazebo and begin my outdoor living. Being outside cleanses my thoughts after a busy or stressful day.

Look around your house, apartment, or townhome and find that perfect outdoor space. Ask yourself, “How do I like to spend time outside?” I hear all the time, “I’m just not an outside person.” I bet you are, but you’re not aware of the cool ways to make outdoor living easy and enjoyable.

Because I don’t know your space, I’m going to work on my gazebo and share ideas that I hope you will want to use in yours.

1. Create something with cover.

2. Have a place to sit and enjoy the space.

3. Everyone loves a firepit!

4. Will you really use an outdoor kitchen?

5. TV or Music? Or both!

6. Think about the beverages.

7. Don’t forget the flowers!

These are some great tips to take into consideration when you plan your outdoor living space. I feel these really make you think about the look, what you will do in the space, and how to bring it all together. Let’s explore the first two this week, and we will keep chipping away at all these over the next few weeks.

People love to be outside, but we all need a way to get out of the sun or rain! Maybe it's a big umbrella or a simple gazebo. Or is an attached structure a better fit for your lifestyle? Each option has a benefit, so let’s explore them.

The shapes of umbrellas are amazing. There can be so many sizes and shapes. Colors are another story. I love how really big umbrellas have a retractable arm and are so easy to tuck away. The smaller ones are also amazing if you have a smaller space!

Now… let’s go into the world of color. Solids and stripes? Geometric or boho? Some umbrellas even have lights and speakers tucked inside, so you can have shade when you need to and light when you want it! Some even have Bluetooth capabilities. Look to buy the best you can afford, because this will help with the longevity. I am seeing lots of edge details with snappy piping, and alternating colors for you to work in with your décor.

Colors in outdoor furniture are the opposite. I am seeing lots of neutrals with pops of color, to keep it fun and interesting. The furniture is more blending and not so bold. However, remember to make the space yours, if you love bright fun fabrics and bold outdoor accessories, then go for it! Be yourself and let your personality shine.

There is a big debate about cushioned furniture or sling furniture. If your space is not under cover and will get rained on often, I would recommend using sling furniture. This is furniture that is made of plastic woven threads to let the water flow through, and it dries very quickly. Please do not think this is the old-fashioned dated look. On the contrary, this is the hot new material that makes living outside so much easier, and you don’t have to worry about storing bulky cushions in the winter. Check out how sassy this set is with the contrast back and pop of color.

Cushioned furniture is fantastic for comfort, but I do feel it’s best to keep under cover. A gazebo or an attached structure works best in this situation.

When you mix this with a good outdoor fabric and outdoor foam, the cushions and fabric will last a long time. I recommend a storage container for the winter months to extend their longevity even more!

Try on these ideas and see how they will fit in your space. Now is the time to start planning your outdoor space to get the best selection and quantities!



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