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Make your space your own! Refresh 2021

I was recently visiting a client to design his new living room. “Are you sure I should do this?” he said. “This doesn’t look like Pinterest!” The first thing I wanted to say was “I love Pinterest! I spend a lot of time on Pinterest and highly support it! But when it comes to personal style, I think it should be just that.”

Designing your own style is important, and learning who you are, what you like and don’t like is vital. That’s what designers are for! Helping a client, friend or family learn their style is my favorite thing to do. As a designer, my goal is to help you see things in a different way and discover a fresh feel.

I love working with new colors and styles that clients present. I love to search out new ways to use something and creative ideas. From magazine and online sources, to just listening to ideas and thoughts, I work with my clients’ ideas to help make their house feel like home.

I want to challenge you as we go into a new holiday season to stretch yourself and design a fresh new look for the holidays and going forward. Challenge yourself to try new things and be unique in your style. This will create a home that feels great all the time.

I’m trying to step out of the neutrals and move into a place of warm palettes of amber, blue, caramel and a pop of black for a great start to a fresh look. I saw this fresh color at the High Point furniture market and fell in love. I challenge you to find a fresh look and fall in love.

With all the supply chain challenges, how do you make these changes? First, look locally if possible. Stop in furniture stores and consignment shops to find fresh looks, unique pieces and inspiration. Reupholstery seems to be running a bit faster than new furniture, but that is also changing quickly. Another way to spruce up a room could be adding a collection of new picture frames on a sideboard and changing out some photos to all black and white.

Paint is still the biggest bang for your buck. Try a new pop of color on an accent wall to change up a room. I’m doing this in my kitchen instead of tile. I can’t get the tile I want, so I’m changing the wall behind my open shelves where my open shelving is to contrast against my dishes, turning even those into a personality-filled accent.

Sometimes, it’s not about the big changes, but rather the small ones that will give you the fresh look you are seeking.



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