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Making a Pretty Pantry

I thought it would be fun to look at rooms of the house that are often overlooked and have so much potential. I’ve recently had a lot of requests to help clients with their pantries, so let’s start there!

Pantries are usually very utilitarian, all work and no play. Recently, I have seen that idea change, and the idea of making them colorful, fun, and functional are top of the list of requests.

Obviously, organization and function are a must, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. I love the use of a bold wallpaper in the pantry, so when you open the door, you’re met with a cheerful look. With all the options of peel-and-stick wallpaper, things don’t feel so permanent. And, if a tear occurs, it’s an easy fix. A happy paint color can also do the trick, like a yellow, purple, or even a green. Think of something unexpected!

We also must look at the type of pantry you have and will be decorating. Is it a closet or a whole room? Are you a chef with lots of ingredients to shelve, or just a couple of things to keep you going? Whatever kind of pantry you have, let’s make it a space you really love. Do you like to store your canned goods in baskets or just the loose packets like rice, pasta, and risotto? Think about what will make it look good and keep you organized.

Shelving is another option to consider. Do you like wire or wood shelving? Take the time to space the shelves correctly, so tall pantry items have a home and short items don’t waste valuable shelf space.

Finally, think about what will go on the top shelf. I like to store my paper products or empty coolers. Don’t forget the floor as well! this is a great place for water, dog food, or cat litter. Keep the heavy things down low.

If you are looking to do a remodel or building new, look at your pantry space and make sure it will work for you. Just like anywhere else in your home, this is an area that can be functional, fun, and show your personality.



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