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Making the right choice in a sea of options

I was working with a client this morning, we’re currently working on her kitchen remodel, and she asked if I could help with a small project. It turns out she has a power room that she’s put some work into, but is still a bit blah. She painted it a fabulous shade of blue and the floors are a great warm wood, so we have lots to work with. But we all know that it’s the little details that truly make a space wonderful.

In her words, it just looks empty. She’s watched a ton of design shows and jumped on Pinterest and Instagram to get ideas, but is not feeling overwhelmed by all the options.

My recommendation is to start with something with some color. Look at art for the wall, maybe a grouping of three prints that bring in color and gets the room feeling a little exciting! The second step is to look at your lighting. Does the vanity light need to be changed to provide clearer light and make your room feel brighter? And the third step is a new mirror with less frame and more mirror. I suggested a white to match the molding.

These are all easy things to take on for a small project, but finding the clarity to understand what you’re looking for is the hard part.

Circling back to the art, it’s a good idea to pick a theme or idea to tie it all together. Look at hanging a piece of art across from the mirror, giving it double duty.

Last is the floor! Because the space is really small, even a 2 x 3 rug is too big. I suggest a smaller rug to use in front of the vanity or tub (if you’re doing a full bath) and look for something with a pattern to help hide any spills and messes. Or mix a wood and tile floor to create this amazing look.

And I’m thrilled to wrap this one up on an extremely exciting note! This is our 100th blog! I had no idea this would go this far. We are going to take this blog to the next level and truly introduce exceptional everyday living. We will explore the home, health and spirit, which for me are the three areas for an amazing life. We have some amazing things in store to celebrate, so stay tuned!



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