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Market Report- Tips and trends headed your way

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

I recently attended the High Point Furniture Market, and got to experience first hand what is coming our way in furniture, lighting and décor. Market is so much fun! You see over-the-top designs and furniture you won’t see anywhere else. These designs and pieces typically aren’t in stores because the local buyers do not think it would sell. And yes, it is all about sales. This is where your local interior designer can help bring you the most current furniture and décor for your home. Remember trends can take 5-7 years to show up in the retail sector, so you have time to prepare.

Three top trends that I experienced were...

Going Green

I saw lots of green in our design future. Light green, emerald green, and kelly green. Colors are going warmer in tone and that means all colors are going to shift warmer. Green was popping up on furniture, décor and area rugs. New colors are the easier trend to bring into your home and we’ll talk next week about how to dip your toe in the water, or go all in.

Wicker and Woven

The woven trend is really big. I saw it in lighting, on chairs, tables and dinnerware. This trend is making a huge impact on lighting, with groupings of lights with rattan shades. Furniture has been impacted with the addition of rattan on the sides and back of chairs. The idea of woven can be rattan or a fabric, so don’t be fooled into thinking it’s just rattan or wicker.

Patterns that Pop

Patterns on furniture is back and looking amazing. I saw pattern and texture mixing all on one piece of furniture, as well as several bold, unique designs making up one pattern. Probably my favorite aspect of this trend was all the COLOR! Get ready, because this one is bold. Remember, everything has been very serene and calm, but as all trends go, the opposites will pop onto the scene.

Like I mentioned, we’ll go into some ways you can incorporate these trends, or any trend, into your home next week. Until then, take a stroll around your home and see if any of these trends would liven up your space.



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