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Meaningful design, Collections and bookcases

I am so enjoying this series! I hope it’s helping people learn how to make their homes truly meaningful. So now let’s jump right into the idea of a collection. A collection can start with a family member that loved canes or egg cups or Hummel figurines and it gets passed down to the next generation. By adding your own ideas and finds, you can grow the collection and the meaning. I saw a great example of this in the Southern Living article from August 2023. I loved the cane display in the dining room. What a great way to start a conversation over an amazing meal!

Have you ever been digging through boxes of old things and come across something you remember from a family member? I have! My mom collected music boxes and cardinals. It was lovely to refind all of these special things she had thoughtfully curated over the years.

Another great way to show off a collection is in a bookcase. And of course another great option is to share and pass down books! I loved sharing stories and books from my family with my own daughters. In a bookcase you can set up beautiful displays not only of the books but of photos, trinkets and objects from travels. These can be family objects, art, photos etc. Imagine how you could set up a library or display in a conversation room that will allow you to travel down memory lane.

The last option for displaying a collection is old family portraits. I have seen some amazing portraits from family members that are mixed with current art to make a wall that is filled with questions and history.

I hope you will explore all of these ideas and continue working toward creating a meaningful home. And please share them with me! I cannot wait to see your amazing ideas.


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