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Mixing metals and framing beautiful custom art

Art by Katie Wall Art

Mixing metals in a room is extremely popular these days. From art to furniture to accessories, all of these can utilize mixed metals to create an amazing look. The secret is making sure there is a connection between at least two items. For me, I like three if at all possible, such as end tables and an accessory, or the legs on a piece of furniture. When things tie back to each other, it keeps your room from looking like a yard sale. Now, don’t get me wrong, mixing and matching colors and finishes in a room is definitely my thing. But when nothing ties back to each other, the room can feel disconnected and haphazard.

Mixing metal finishes should be intentional. And you can certainly mix silver and gold. My formula is to keep the finishes all in the same tone, like all brushed gold or all brushed silver. Then to add a pop or sparkle to the room add a piece of glass. Another way is to add fabric or art. Another option is to keep all the standard finishes in the room the same, and then make one item the focal point by using a contrasting finish. My favorite way to do this is by framing a large art piece.

Art by Katie Wall Art
Art by Katie Wall Art

When making a statement in a room, one of a kind art is the direction to go. I asked a friend and amazing artist Katie Podracky of Katie Wall Art to help with this one. She says, “Adding a subtle frame to an amazing piece adds that extra bit of bling to any work of art. I am in love with framing original art in a thin gold frame. This adds elegance and polish without overwhelming the piece.” To see more options from Katie Wall Art, please visit her web site or visit and follow her on Instagram @katie_Podracky.

Frames are also the perfect opportunity to introduce a new finish and add impact to your work of art. I love a canvas piece, but they can play a bit casual sometimes. My advice is to take a look at your room and decide if you want it to feel more formal or casual. Adding a thin gold frame is the perfect way to bring a room up a notch, and art is the connection.

Art by Katie Wall Art

Mixing metals in any room is key to creating an interesting room. And your art is a great way to begin.



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