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Mixing the Old and the New

Creating a beautiful home after a move can be really hard. We have the habit of wanting to put everything back in the types of rooms we had before, but it is also a great opportunity to create a fresh look.

I just worked with a client who moved here from Indiana and needed help pulling the house together after the kitchen and bathrooms were remodeled. The house looks great, but now it’s time to make it pretty! Anyway, all the art and wall décor was in the staging room and ready to be hung.

The stories began of where everything was before and how it was hung. As my assistant Kirsten and I began to pull things and create a new look, there was push back and immediate “No! Those things don’t go together.” Seeing things in a new light can be hard, but with the right mixing and matching a fresh look comes to life. Take the opportunity to use the things you already have in a new way. Bring on a friend, sister, or an interior designer to show you a fresh idea.

After we finished hanging the wall décor that worked in the new house, it was time to let some things go. Looking for fresh décor, new ideas and styles are key to mixing the old favorites with fresh ideas. I have fallen in love with the hex shape. From wall shelves grouped to hold everything from succulents to photos, to groupings of mirrors or art. Art can be a simple canvas or a framed piece. I love to mix old art with fresh pieces. Creating a gallery wall is a special way to bring it all together.

Another look for a big wall is adding wall details. A pattern made of wood, painted to match the wall is a great way to make it pop. This is a great way to create a new look for an accent wall. We seem to look for this look in a bedroom, but I love the glamour of using this is a living room.

We all know moving is stressful. There’s so much to pack and unpack, it’s expensive, and it can take months! That’s why reusing the things you already have in a different way can be an easy (and money-saving) way to make your new space feel like home.



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