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Moving forward and loving your space -- my bedroom update!

This is our last week of master bedroom re-inspiration. We have visited how to clear clutter and decide what you want it to look like. Building idea boards, selecting color for the walls and getting inspired.

For me, I’m working on the design and colors I want to use, the style of my bed and bedding. This is way easier to do for my clients than it has been to determine for myself. So if you have not completed your bedroom or even started, that’s ok!

As I am sure I’ve mentioned before, I really have a space issue. I live in 954 square feet, so space is at a premium. Trying to find a place for 10 pairs of boots and warm cozy sweaters is very challenging.

Here is what I want my bedroom to look like when I finish. Add a large scale wallpaper on the main entrance wall, add a black iron bed with clean lines, gray distressed nightstands with a ton of storage, pendant lights from the ceiling to keep the surface clean, and soft comfortable bedding that is warm and inviting. Lastly, a rug that has soft color and is a continuation from the wallpaper.

So… here is my design plan! Let me know your thoughts!


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