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New Year, New Projects!

Happy New Year! The holidays are over, and Christmas is (maybe) put away! And you begin to see your space in a new light. When we take down the sparkle, the places that need attention really show up. I am experiencing this in my own home and got a bit overwhelmed.

I decided to take on my own home as a design project and how I would handle what needs to be accomplished. Do you ever find it difficult to do things in your own home but can help everyone else? I do!!! So, my house is going to be a year-long design project, and I will be telling you all about the projects as we go.

But, back to getting started. I decided to create a list that I will tackle each month so I can track my progress. You can keep a notebook or use an app for this. Understanding what you need to do is the first big step.

For me, the first thing I need to do is organize some closets and my laundry room. Maybe paint a wall a fun color or even add wallpaper.

From there, some other things I want to do are paint my bedroom, bring in fresh bedding, new lamps, and create a romantic master bedroom.

Then I would like to move to my kitchen and organize the cabinets, pare down the extra stuff, and add a new window treatment.

Get the idea? Take the time to walk through each room, really look at it, and see what it needs. This is a perfect place to bring in an interior designer to help you look at your space and give you fresh ideas. I did this in my own home, and it was amazing to get inspired with new ideas. Remember— these are spaces you spend time everyday so things can become stale easily, especially if you work, have kids, a husband, or just a crazy life!

Another great way to get ideas is to look at magazines with a great cup of coffee. Online is great, but nothing beats a good publication!

Walk through an accessories store for ideas on new products, and again shore the internet. This can be a fun gathering with a group that wants to do the same things and share ideas. That’s what I call collaboration!

I will finish my list and share with you, and if you have ideas you want to accomplish, please share, so we can incorporate into the blog and create exciting spaces!



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