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Organizing the bath

Let’s spend a little more time on this organization journey and tackle the bath.  It can be your powder room, hall bath or the crazy master bath. Now that we’ve organized our linen closets, it seems like the right next step.

To get started, let’s look at drawers and cabinets in the space and pull everything out. This may be a lot to consider, but have that trash bag ready, a basket for donating, and the rest goes back where it came from. This is the part that seems overwhelming! When you get started it is amazing how quickly the process really goes.

If there is anything that belongs to another family member, be sure to ask them if they want it or if you can let it go. Check out if you can donate something or if it needs to be thrown away. Do not waste your time packing up bunches of products only to learn they cannot be donated.

If you are waffling on what to do with something because you love it or it was expensive, put it into a box and make a note on your calendar to come back to it in a week or a few days. I know this isn’t the pretty stuff, but to get to the pretty stuff, we must continue on our journey.

Bathrooms tend to collect all kinds of trial products, half-used creams that may or may not have worked, and expired products that we bought for whatever reason and never used up. For the trial products you like and aren’t expired, you can put them all together in one basket or bag and make a point of using them when you travel instead of trying to pack those full size bottles.  


As I was going through my own baskets, I found four curling irons I had not used in years, two blow dryers that were broken and a diffuser that did not fit anything I owned. The space I made just from getting rid of those things was a game changer.


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