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Pets, their beds and how to make it all fit!

We all love our pets so much and most become our children or a significant member of the family. We know this because of all the gourmet pet foods and treats, or clothes and designer leashes, but how does this carry over to the home? How do you add a pet bed or cat climbing wall to a room and make it look amazing? Let’s go on that journey…

When I design a home, I take notice if there are pets in the family, and how the homeowner is interacting with the pet. If they’re very engaged, I look at ways to add a pet bed or toys to the space so it functions well, but also fits the look of the space. Another really important option is the durability of the fabrics and products used to create the look. Cleanability is key!

Pet bedding is a big item for a room, especially if you have a big dog. The space for the bed needs to be planned for during the design stage or at least thought about. A great way to conceal a dog bed is to tuck it inside of an end table. The end table holds the bed and helps the pet to have a place to go when guests come over. Also, a great place to stash toys and keep the clutter to a minimum. Many times, I feel we get the idea that it may be a bit juvenile, but a sophisticated look is easily achieved with a splash of design thrown in.

Pet beds can be made to match the decor or make a statement in the space. I personally love these ideas I’ve found on Pinterest and on Google:

Check out this great idea, incorporate the pet bed into your bed! I loved these options of adding a space under your bed or next to it. Such a great way to keep them close. Admittedly, these are more of a commitment, but trust me there are a ton of families who would love this!

Pet décor options are endless. You can even add a pet feeding area into your kitchen remodel. Here is a kitchen remodel I worked on recently, complete with integrated dog bowls.This took a bit of planning, but once I saw how much they loved their pet, there was no other option.



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