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Picking a thermostat: A few easy tips

With the recent hotter than usual, sauna-like weather, your home is susceptible to all kinds of problems with its air conditioning system. A big part of keeping your house cool and helping your system to run efficiently is the thermostat.

Back in the day you really didn’t have much choice. There was a big dial and you set your temp and you were done. Until you wanted another temperature, then you reset the dial.

Well thank goodness it’s 2019! Thermostats are smarter than ever now. Even programmable thermostats are becoming outdated technology. However, both options at their core allow you to set different temps at different times, giving your system a break during the day when the house is empty, and then slowly reset for when you return.

Systems like the Lutron were the first to allow you to schedule and change the temperature with your cell phone, keeping you completely in control of your system. The newest technology will learn your home’s ecosystem and can predict what conditions you want. Systems like the nest allow you to change from zone to zone and it can sense when you return home and begin the temperature adjustments as programmed.

Now I’m not spelling all of this out to try and sell you on one thermostat versus another. The truth is, when it comes to creating a home you love a big part of it is in the details -- usually the less pretty ones. The point here is to help you think through the things we all typically take for granted. So stop muddling through with a thermostat that’s more than likely from 2005 and upgrade to something that will help you love your home even more. Plus, making it current is the key to helping your system run efficiently and last longer!


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