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Setting up the end...The end table that is

I was just helping a client with her living room, and we were looking at end tables. Her response was why are there so many choices and options. Then we got into a conversation of the many different styles and types and how you ever choose.

There are means to the madness in the world of choices, so I thought I would share some of them. End tables are more than just something to hold a lamp and a book. They are the anchors to the room, decorative simple statements that add design and style to a space, and are great ways to store just about anything, if needed.

End tables come in as many colors and styles as you can imagine. And please do imagine! Wood, stone, glass, lucite, metal, and a mixture of all the above. I love to mix an end table that has some wow power with a simple sofa to really add drama to a space.

Style is something that can only be contained by your imagination. When selecting an end table look at a couple of things. How will the table be seen and how will it be used? If it’s in a prominent place, look for something that is eye catching, has a unique style, or is made of an unusual material. Another thing to consider is how the table will be used and what space the table will be in. Will the table need to hold a lamp, or provide storage? Should it have multiple levels or will the table need to be a nesting table that allows you to have additional tables for guests, but stores inside when not in use?

One other option for a table is the C table. This has become really popular as technology has increased. This table slips under the base of the sofa and then slips over the seat cushion of the sofa. I love this style of table especially with working from home. The top can be made of tile, cork, or even metal.

Last but not least, are the drink tables. I love drink tables. They are the cute personality item that can be added just about anywhere and create conversation. Pick out a couple for your space that really speak to your personality.



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