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Creating a Plan for a Successful Home Remodeling Project

I was just reading a fantastic article in House Beautiful about incredible kitchens and creating a successful remodel.

I loved that their philosophy was in complete alignment with mine – create a plan and set some hard deadlines. The number one question I am always asked is how long will it take? Being out of your kitchen or bath is really hard and can cause more stress on you and your family. But knowing the deadlines makes things a bit easier.

A kitchen I finished up recently had to be planned out taking into consideration how to get the final results my client needed. Below are the steps to make this magic happen.


Before Kitchen:

Picture of "before" kitchen

After Kitchen:

Picture of "after" kitchen

Meet and greet - This can take 1-2 months to create the ideas and begin the planning process. Having ideas from the client is great to make sure we meet the expectations. Design boards from Pinterest and Instagram, or Houzz really help to put the project in the right direction from the first meet.

Design and draft phase - This is when the ideas are put into plans that can be reviewed and changed on paper. We do this at Laura Redd Interiors with 2d and 3d drawings with three revisions applied to the cost of the plans. Timing for this step is typically 3-4 weeks with revisions taking 2 weeks.

Looking at both these steps, it’s easy to see that planning is important for a great outcome.

So how do all the numbers shake out when building your budget? I’ve found these to be a really good outline for costs:

10% Surfaces, tiles, and countertops

15% Appliances in the kitchen or bath

20% Cabinetry

30% Labor and construction

25% Design and architecture

Second image of "after" kitchen

With these numbers in mind, you have the ability to build a pretty solid budget and select your splurge items. And I promise you are going to have a splurge item!

I am getting ready to start a bath remodel in my own home and will take you on that journey. From finding my ideas, tiles and cabinetry, to building the end results that will make this space truly beautiful. Also be ready for some pretty crazy ideas. I am a designer after all, and my countertops are way out there! I cannot wait to show you. Stay tuned!



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