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Splurges and steals for your remodel

We are on part three of our remodeling blog series and this is one that takes some thinking. Splurges and keeping costs in line. We touched on the cost thing last week, but we are going to do a deeper dive this week.

Let’s start with splurges. These can really derail your project if you are not paying attention to the end budget. Someone on the project will need to be in control of this. If you are project managing your own project, then make sure you have a spreadsheet or something running to keep your costs in check. If you are using a designer or contractor, they should be keeping up with the costs, so you are staying on budget.

In a kitchen remodel you may want to splurge on your appliances, especially if you are a cook. The options are endless! We covered appliances and options in a previous blog, Deep Dive on Appliances. Maybe it is your countertops or a backsplash tile that is just amazingly wow for you, or even all the cool gadgets that are available in cabinets to make storage optimal. One of these is a great splurge, two or more will really take your budget to a new level. If budget is not an issue, then go for it.  

There are two things to remember when splurging and how this will affect your house. If you a put $100,000 kitchen in an under $500,000 house, your return on investment is going to be hard to recoup. And if you make the kitchen very personal, when you get ready to sell it may be hard to pass your design style to the next person. So, know your intentions to the best of your knowledge when you are getting started.

Now, let’s think about a bath remodel. Maybe your splurge here is a great soaking tub, or body jets in the shower. Both can affect the budget. A pretty soaking tub can be $800 and acrylic, or a stunning cast iron with a copper face. That will start at $3,000 and go up from there. Remember these costs are based on costs in Greensboro, N.C., of course costs will vary based on where you live.

Your countertop and tile can be a splurge item here as well. Based on the size of your vanity you may be able to use a remnant. However, you will be picking from what is available from previous jobs. If you shop often, you can find an amazing treasure and save a considerable amount.

In tile, there are amazing marble patterns that are to die for. A great way to use an expensive tile can be in a window in the shower or the back of a niche. The impact of a tile is the reason to use it, so make sure it is placed where it is best received. Again, keep track of your costs so in the end you do not have buyer’s remorse.

Okay, time to talk about how to cut costs on your remodeling project.

Start with pictures and design your space. If you do not want to pay for design services, head to a big box store like Lowes, Home Depot, or Ikea and use the design center there to get you started. You will need a design plan to make sure your end results are what you want. Also, the old trope measure twice buy once really counts here. This will confirm what you are buying will fit in its proper place.

I am not a fan of using a family member or friend to do your remodel unless you can treat them like a regular contractor. No one wants to work for free and the quality can suffer. 

Demo is the least expensive part of a project. Make sure you have an intension for your cabinets, countertops, old appliances, and bath products. Donation is great if available, if they need to go to the dump, due to the age and operability of the product, there will be a fee. Sometimes doing it yourself may cause more harm than good, so have the conversation with your contractor before you get started.

Having a plan and knowing what is most important to you will keep you on a budget and your results will make you happy every day.



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