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Spring Mini Market Recap!

Spring furniture market has come and gone and fall market is still a big question mark. So, what’s the big deal if we don’t see all the fantastic and amazing new furniture, art and accessories each season? Market is really the place where ideas and new styles are tried on, like new shoes or clothes every season. Some will make it to production, and some will not.

This year, market was cancelled, but High Point being the amazing place it is, came up with a wonderful “mini market” that let a few vendors show off their new introductions and styles for the season. Universal Furniture did a wonderful review of their new products with videos and showroom walk throughs. Other showrooms did virtual tours to show their new products to potential buyers. But due to Covid, the walk throughs were few and far between.

One trend (which I’ve actually brought up here) from the vendors we could visit was an increasing amount of green. Green was present in art, rugs and accessories… and sofas! I know we are still loving the blue, but please be ready for the green! It’s really on its way back in.

Another interesting trend we started to see last market was details in the tops of seat cushions, but not so much tufting. Texture and mixing of mediums like metals and fabrics was very popular also.

We then ventured to Woodbridge Furniture and found the exact piece for a client that I had been looking for. If I had not gone to the showroom I never would have found the exact right thing. And that is the power of Market.

Our last stop was a great place called Circa that was filled with vintage pieces, reproductions, and fun novelty pieces that are just perfect to fill a special space.

Market is where the magic happens, from furniture to art, to rugs and accessories. I’ll share a few more wonderful things we saw this spring/summer and I’ll be sure to keep you posted on fall market!



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