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Spruce up after the take down

Happy New Year! The Christmas decorations are down, the weather is a bit gray, and we all seem to slip into a slump. Things can look a bit bare and bland after all the glitz and comfort of the Christmas decorations is gone. So let’s make things cheerful and ready for the New Year.

Adding back some fresh greenery is a great way to bring color into the space. I love using a miniature boxwood to bring color into a space. Get that big glass piece you filled with ornaments and place miniature boxwood branches in the vase, then add mini lemons around the base to create an amazing and cheerful display. Try placing it in your entry, kitchen or on your dining room table.

A boxwood or laurel wreath is another option. Place a large vase in the center of the wreath, and fill the vase with astramerium, a mix of white flowers or something yellow.

Now is also the perfect time to move your furniture around or change out an ottoman or coffee table. The sales are on! Look to Wayfair, Overstock or your local home accessories store to score a deal and change your look. Of course, a throw and a few pillows are the easiest and least expensive way to change your look. The key is to bring in some color to replace what you took out. I recommend you use a yellow or soft blue mixed with white. This will give a boost of color and feeling of happy without overwhelming the season.

And let’s not forget to force a few bulbs! Paperwhites, tulips or daffodils are wonderful to have in a grouping on a table or windowsill. For me, this is an instant feeling of spring! You can find these bulbs in a garden center. Place them in a shallow dish with a small amount of soil and small rocks on top. Give them a bit of water, but do not saturate, place in a sunny spot and enjoy!

The Christmas decorations coming down is the perfect time to give your home a spruce up!



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