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Spruce Up Your Space!

This is always the time of year where we all get a little down, with the sparkle of Christmas put away and the weather a bit gray. I love the pop of a fresh green in my kitchen or laundry room. It brings a smile to my face every time. But do not fret, here are some great ways to bring on the happy!

I love the look of bulbs in a pretty container! Look around your house, Goodwill, or your favorite consignment store to find something that inspires you. Look for some great bulbs at your local garden store. Some easy options for bulbs are crocus, paper whites, tulips, or hyacinth. Ask about colors and combinations like yellows and blues, orange and pink, the sky is the limit!

If your container is tall, you can layer the bulbs at different depths, and they will come up at different times creating a living garden for quite a while.

When planting, you can use rocks, shallow dirt, or even just water, based on your container. This is a fun project for kids as well because they can watch their flowers grow!

Another fun option is the use of scent! I love a fresh citrus scent like a lemon or orange, mixed with a little mint. Find your favorite from spring or summer. I have smelled some amazing beach scents!

For another fun look, try using wooden beads in shades of white, gray and soft aqua blue. Place these in a clear glass container and add your favorite fresh scented candle. Sink the candle so the beads wrap around it. You can add an essential oil to the beads, so when the heat of the candle warms the beads, the scents will be released. Mix and match your smells and be sure to share it with me! I want to see and hear all about it.

The last quick and easy way to freshen your space is to replace or clean your light bulbs. There are so many colors to lighting. You can choose clear, daylight, soft white, or if you want, splurge on some smart bulbs that let you change the color with your smart phone. This is a super fun way to brighten a space based on the kind of day it is. I love a warm, candlelight inspired hue for a cozy night in, but then when the daylight comes around, I prefer a brighter light!

What’s your favorite way to freshen up you space? Scent can be an easy way to make a room feel brighter, and simple touches like light can bring a whole new life to a space!



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