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Stepping in the right direction -- Surprising project ideas!

It seems we all have steps leading somewhere! And those steps are a great place to bring color or pattern, adding attention to something that otherwise might be a bit boring.

I love painting the risers on steps, this is a great detail that can bring out a color in a rug or accent a wall color.

You can take it a step further with tile or even wallpaper decals applied to the risers. Tile is amazing and really adds an amazing look to the step. This can be a bit more difficult of a project since ideally you’ll want tile that is a direct fit to the riser and then you’ll have to grout the tile in place.

I just used the decal option on steps this week and they look amazing. I was able to choose from so many patterns and colors and created a Pennsylvania Dutch look to the steps. My friend/client is from that area, so by adding this to her steps she now climbs her stairs every day and sees these beautiful patterns. It was so fun to watch her walk up and down the stairs with a big smile on her face.

This is truly such an easy project and makes such an unexpected impact on your home. You can find some great options at and on Etsy.

Another option for these decals is on the front of furniture, like a chest of drawers.

You can order most decals in multiple widths and lengths that come ready to be installed. We ordered ours just a bit larger, and trimmed them down with a rotary tool. I would love to try this on a chest of drawers or the top of a trunk. I think I would add glass to the trunk for an added project.

Share your ideas of how to use them with me on Instagram! My brain is now drifting to ideas for a baby's room…


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