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Styling a small space foyer

Let's revisit the drop zones and the mud room. I see so many pictures of really pretty drop zones and I love to look at how they work. When I look at my own drop zone, it’s the entry to my home. And I can consistently see that it does not work. The other entry point is directly into my kitchen table, so my front door is the only option. I am sure I’m not the only person who has this type of home.

My home was built in 1953. When homes were built in this area, they did not build them for lots of extra space or specialty areas. I have a foyer/entry that opens tight into the living room. Every inch must work correctly and in many different ways. I know we all love the look of a current drop zone, so let’s look at other options and ways to make a drop zone work when it’s in the front of the house.

I love the idea of using the entry closet. This example shows how it can be converted to support a bench and hooks with an amazing shelf for display. Also, this eliminates the issues of too many doors.

A big challenge for a front entry drop zone is keeping it looking great and not messy or cluttered. When I look at this picture I would look for a bench that I can add baskets to hold shoes, boots and winter clothes.

I really like the look of this entry. Personally, I would add more substantial hooks for jackets and backpacks. I do love the baskets and the closed storage to hold clutter like mail.

I am always surprised how much mail I still receive and still needs attention. I love how this still looks pretty and hides the clutter.

Now let’s look at what a well-functioning back of the home entry could look like. I think you’ll see the difference.

This looks really great, but feels casual. Perfect for the back entry or a more casual environment. I would not add this look to a front entry.

With all of these ideas in mind, here is my fresh take on an ideal front entry drop zone. Let’s use that first converted closet as our jumping off point. What if we took out the bench and the barn wood flooring. I would add a pretty mosaic tile to the floor to give it some definition from the rest of the living area. Then place a table or bench that allows for some baskets or storage underneath. Add a pretty rug and a large mirror above to finish it off, and you have a beautiful foyer entry space!

I am working on this in my own home, I’ll keep you posted with the results. I promise before and after’s too!



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