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Styling the perfect sink...for your bathroom

A bath remodel has an amazing impact on how you use your space. Taking a shower or a bath is now an experience, not just something you do every day or so. The trends in bath remodels are as big as in kitchen remodels, but for this post let’s look at ways to make your bathroom sink impactful.

By adding a sink with some interest or a new fresh look, like a vessel sink or a painted porcelain, you can really change the look and the feel of the room. As you may remember from the post about kitchen sink remodels, sinks come in a variety of materials from copper or stainless to concrete, stone and even glass. Personally, I love to use a creative sink in the powder room. This is such a special space to really create a jewel box. The sink style can drive the look of the entire space.

A few types to look at as a starting point is a vessel sink, which sits on top of the countertop. This is a perfect sink for a powder room. Check out this beautiful option that is a wall mount with a wall mount faucet. Imagine the possibilities!

Another option is a trough sink. I love this look for a double vanity in a hall bath. This is a large sink without a divide so makes it easy to clean.

Another beautiful option is a painted porcelain bowl, these can be a vessel or a drop in. The bowl really becomes the art piece for the room.

Of course, the tried-and-true version of the undermount sink is something you see all the time.

There is nothing wrong with this look, and classics never go out of style. But when you look at all the options on the table, it’s easy to reimagine the possibilities!



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