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Summer Projects-- Floors & Furniture

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

In this refresh, we went for a dramatic floor with a bold pattern and colors to match. Because the client prefers a warmer palette, the rug has bold copper and navy tones, but also has our wall color which carries the color around the room. The chairs are all different shades of blue, which also tie to the shades in the rug. The biggest piece in the room is usually the sofa or sectional. A good rule of thumb is if the flooring has a lot of pattern a soft or less prevalent pattern is a good mix. I personally am not a solid fabric fan on a large piece of furniture. Just creates a big blob in the room. A soft pattern adds texture and the canvas for pillows and a throw.

Rugs have really changed in price and quality. There are lots of options other than your local home accents store. The buyer for the store is purchasing for the masses, not your personal taste. The rug in this photo is an 8 x 10 and cost less than $400. Look for a rug that is your style, color and personality.

Furniture is all about comfort, style and seating. Everyone wants a sectional, but it’s not the best thing for all spaces. Think about how you live and entertain. I personally love the sofa with the chaise. The style seems to fit almost all spaces and still allows for chairs and changes to the room. I love the chaise option to stretch out for total relaxation, and it gives lots of seating all the way around.

The coffee table and end table are all super durable with a stone top. My client has a little one and we needed something that could hold up to little fingers and was easy to clean. Think about what your family needs and how they live in a space. If you like to put your feet up, change the coffee table to an ottoman. If you have open space under a coffee table or end table, look to add a basket or poof. The poof can double as extra seating and the basket will hold the magazines and clutter. We all have clutter so you may as well plan for it!



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