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Summer Projects--The Finishing Touches

Completing a room or a project is all about the finishing touches. And for me it’s the art and the accessories. I love to use what a client already has, but place it and combine it in a whole new way. This is something you can do in your own home simply by taking down all your art and accessories. Use the opportunity to give it a good cleaning while you’re at it. Now, think about ways to regroup your art and accessories. Mixing in a few new items really pulls things together and gives a fresh look.

This mirror was in the old space, but you couldn’t see it. It looks incredible on the accent wall and paired with a new piece of art.

In our refresh, we had some great wreaths to work with and some pieces of art that really made the space feel like home. In the new office area, there were some great family pictures already framed and ready to be put into a family wall. I love old photos that share a family history and begin to tell the story of their lives.

Think about ways to reuse great items in new spaces and ways. Trays can be hung on the wall as art, lamps can be made new and fresh with a new shade or paint, and furniture can be refreshed with a throw or new pillows. I did add a new tray for the coffee table to carry our theme, but then reused existing pieces in the bookshelves and the TV console to give the space a feeling of home.

Accessories and art are easy ways to make your space fresh without necessarily spending a huge chunk of change. Check out your local accessories stores for options to create a new fresh look. Of course we all know how easy it is to get overwhelmed or carried away with art and accessories. Even though you certainly don’t need to spend a lot, it’s really really easy to go overboard. Bringing in a designer just to help finish the space will give you a breather and make sure your space is exactly what you imagined.



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