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Summer Projects--Total Motivation!

I just completed a cosmetic renovation that completely transformed the client’s life and way of living. What we really did can be broken down into four categories:

  • Paint

  • Lighting

  • Furniture and rugs

  • Accessories and art

And now what you’re all really here for, the before and afters!

We started with a canvas that was very dark and it was hard to see the potential. There was lots of clutter and everything was brown. The walls were in a flat off-white paint, which did nothing for the lighting or the shimmer of the walls.

The easiest change that often makes the biggest difference is paint. But I think many people are overwhelmed by picking a paint color. For me, when I design a space, I look to my fabrics and rugs to really see what the color should be. In this case most of the walls are Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige. This is a great neutral. It’s not gray and not tan, but a perfect balance in between. If you put it with gray it will show up more gray, if you pair it with tans, it will go more taupe. Really a super versatile color, one of my favorites! The color will compliment the rug and furniture, but not feel absent when the room is finished. Because this is a condo and it’s a little cookiecutter when it comes to architectural features, we needed some wow on the walls, so I added an accent wall in Sherwin Williams Sea Salt. I carried this color across the back wall and into the kitchen. But only the back wall!

These two colors play great together and look a bit like the sea and the sand. Which blends with a lot of palettes. This palette will lean towards the warmer side, as my client prefers the warmer tones. When you pick colors, if you really struggle with seeing colors in a space, bring in a professional, like an interior designer to help. Paint can make or break a space and even though it’s easy enough to change, it’s not something you want to re-do multiple times.

The finish of the paint is also really important. We changed to eggshell from a flat finish to give the walls a soft shimmer. This finish is awesome in bright to soft light and adds a bit of romance when the lights are low. Also, the shimmer on the walls helps to reflect the light and make the room feel brighter. Flip back to the photos, the change is amazing. Flat paint is typically the builder’s favorite because it doesn’t show the errors (bumps, divots, etc.) in the walls, but it isn’t cleanable.

My recommendation is to do an eggshell finish unless your walls are in bad shape. Eggshell finish is a cleanable finish, which allows you to use my personal favorite, the cleaning erasers, to really keep things looking great. Make sure you ask about your options when you go in to pick your paint.

Benjamin Moore just came out with a paint called “Scuff.” It’s super great for keeping high traffic areas in tip top shape, and not looking worn too soon. I saw this at Neocon in Chicago, the contract furniture market, and saw some great crossover products. Scuff, the paint was one of them. Check me out on Instagram to see more!



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