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Taking things a step further

Now is the perfect time to look at trends and what’s hot. How can you bring something new into your home for a fresh feel in the new year? Let's look at some trends that are getting tired and trends that will create a fresh feel.

Blackboard paint has been great and it even comes in a variety of colors. However, a fresh alternative is cork boards on walls that fill a space to show off photos, art and inspiration.

Another is a wall filled with words. Many times, they push over to the childish look or feel. Inspired ways to use words can be with a scrabble wall, or signs that express a sentiment, like “Be Happy,” and have pictures of the family doing fun things. Keep the words to a minimum! A lot of times we fill a wall with words and pictures because we are at a loss as to what to do. What about a wall mural that shows a scene or a sport you enjoy? I have a scene of New York in my living room and it has been the perfect backdrop for Zoom calls.

Another trend was to turn books with their spines to the back for a neutral look. But recently, we’ve been loving the colors of books and the great jacket art that accompanies them. Bookcases and bookshelves are a great place to add inspiration, and that can come with color and wallpaper! Look to add wallpaper to the back of a bookcase. Be brave! Let the wallpaper create some drama for the space and don’t be afraid to add a window treatment that takes things to a new level.

Another way to add color to a bookshelf is to cover old books with wallpaper or spray paint the books to coordinate with window treatments or colors in a rug.

Lastly, a fun way to bring in a fresh feel is to bring in a new influence. Look at a global feel to lift a room and make you feel like you are on an adventure. We all need that right now! With all the great wicker lights, tribal poofs and art inspiring an out of Africa feel, think of all the ways to add these touches to any room. I personally think it would be so fun to do this in a half bath or powder room.

(Image credit: The Private House Company/Andrew Martin Interior Designer Review Vol.24)

The biggest thing I hope you see in this list is the mix of commitment levels. Adding a mural to your room is a big commitment, while trying out painted books or some cork boards are relatively easy trends to try in your home. No matter what you decide, feel free to have some fun and give your space a fresh feel for the new year.



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