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The disappearing kitchen desk

When we look at the designs of a kitchen, tell me what is the one thing that is missing? It’s the desk in the kitchen! I am not sure why it has disappeared, maybe the clutter, needing a change, or a fresh look. If you have an idea of where the desk went, let me know.

We all love the put away, no clutter look, but let’s face it life is messy and the goal of the desk is to corral the clutter and make it manageable. Another idea is it all got moved into the home office that popped up during covid. Finding the space for a home office was one of my most common requests during the pandemic. From closets to bonus room conversions, the space was found.

In my house, because I live in 954 square feet, finding space can be a challenge. I converted the smallest bedroom in my house into a laundry, drop zone, home office. It works very well and allows me to contain the clutter, and gets it out of the kitchen.

However, I love the counter height desk and seating. This would be a great place to pay bills, check on projects and maybe even do a bit of work from home. I am telling you the kitchen desk is something we need to re-invent. This desk particularly would allow for it to be converted into a serving station for entertaining. Anything that can be dual purpose is a win in my books.

Let’s look at the desk another way. It really is a large surface that allows for a working area for your computer and some paperwork. This could be a table that recesses into your island or cabinetry, and a great way to have seating and additional serving space. But everything does not have to be small. Check out this great idea for an island that converts into a desk or dining table. Lewis and Weldon did an amazing job with this design. This is also perfect for narrow kitchens.

If you need help finding ideas or figuring out how to put the ideas together, bring in an interior designer! You can buy an hour of time to explore all the possibilities. Laura Redd Interiors offers this service and would love to help you explore your design options.


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