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The Dollars of Design: Remodeling and New Construction

Remodeling and new construction are here to stay. The magic is to learn how to make it work when money is tight. Your goal shouldn’t be to have the cheapest product like tile, lights, and faucets in the home. Rather, the goal should be to know where to spend the dollars and where to look at other options.

First, you want to look at the permanent fixtures like flooring, cabinetry, countertops, and faucets. Flooring is something that needs to be durable and styled, and it should match the feel of your home’s style. I lean away from trends here because we are looking for longevity! Stay neutral in your color so it will look amazing and allow you to change things up in the future.

Cabinetry has come a long way! Not all cabinets need to be custom. I carry Schrock cabinets because they offer colors and styles with great flexibility in sizes and price points. I will do my kitchen in my medium line, but my secondary bathrooms in my introductory line to save some funds for other things. I still have all the pullouts and options, but not the expense.

Countertops and faucets are another place to explore your options. Look for your favorite in the kitchen. This is where you will need the most. In smaller areas, look for remnants to keep the costs down and find some spectacular pieces at lower price points. Faucets are all about quality! Look for name brands like Delta and Kohler. If you see the same faucet at two places at a big price difference, I promise one is metal and one is plastic on the inside. Go for the metal! Another thing to look at is the spacing of the holes. Look at a single hole size or an 8-inch spread. These keep the look current and are easy to clean. Sometimes we think of reusing a faucet that is a 4-inch spread. In a half bath this is fine, but in a master bath do it right because you will use it every day. That is a great rule of thumb; if you are going to use it every day, make it the best you can afford.

If you need help figuring out how and where to save money, call your interior designer for help. They can help pull it all together and save you money.



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