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The Entertainment Factor

One morning as I was riding my bike, I noticed an abundance of TV boxes at the curb throughout the neighborhood. Obviously, a lot has changed this year, and after doing a little more research and self reflection I realized it makes perfect sense that we’re investing in our home entertainment areas.

So, what does that look like? I am sure it’s different with every family, and depends on the ages of the kids in the home. As we approach the fall and holiday season, I think many of us are starting to think about what we’ll do as the weather turns less favorable for outdoor gatherings.

Let's look at “entertainment centers” and to me, that simply includes the areas we like to spend our time and be entertained. With smaller children you may want to look at a board game area, a wipe board for fun nights of hangman, or a fun night of online gaming. Now is also the perfect time to add card games to your repertoire. It is amazing how many kids never learn to play card games, and I was one of them!

Small houses may be challenged for space. A storage ottoman is the perfect place to tuck away the board games and extra controls for the video games. A large tray will make the ottoman surface sturdy for game playing without the fear of everything tipping over.

For middle school kids, look at online games and fun board games that have a plot and challenge the mind. Card games are great to bring in, maybe even have a little fun with games like poker with chips for chores or blackjack with chips for snacks. Be creative and ask lots of questions. I promise they know more than you would think.

And now what is possibly the biggest challenge, high school-aged kids and their video game systems. These guys can be a challenge. A great gaming center with a large TV that allows you to display the games and bring in their friends and competition is a game changer.

Video games come with lots of accessories like controllers, playing manuals and cords! So many cords. A great option to tuck everything away is a basket. Think about having a basket for each person playing and if the baskets can stack, that’s even better. Tuck the baskets in a closet to keep rooms from being cluttered.

Available at IKEA

As fall approaches, creating a great entertainment space will be key to keeping fun in the house and staying sane. We’re in for a big transition, but if we can set ourselves up for success and lean into the changes we might just come out the other side stronger.



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