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The remodel dilemma

We’re working with a client now who has around 12 projects or more that they want to complete and luckily, they do have the budget to do it. But not all the projects make sense for the house. I would not suggest putting a $60,000 kitchen in a $175,000 home. You’ll never get your return on investment. You may be thinking, I will never sell my house. But never say never!

This is where an interior designer can really help. Not only with the layout and planning if a remodel is involved, but the costs and budgeting. If it is designing a new space with furniture, art and accessories, even if you decide to go the Wayfair route, you want to do some space planning and creative thinking.

When planning any kind of remodel project, start with the big stuff like electrical and plumbing.  If your home was built in the 1940’s or earlier , and no remodels have been done, you will need to deal with electrical items like a fuse box, a breaker box. The wiring to the kitchen will have to be updated. Appliances made in 2018 don’t run on 3 wires, most need 4 wires to send enough power to make them operate. In many homes the floor tile in the kitchen can be asbestos based. The best way to handle that is the seal them up with a new solid sheet vinyl, don’t cringe, they really look amazing. Or a laminate flooring that looks exactly like wood, but is a glue down or floating floor.  

The 50’s brought us lead paint and that too, should be sealed up.  A good oil-based primer, followed with a latex paint will do the trick.

For plumbing you need to look for galvanized pipes and replace them with PVC.  Often the old lines have a lot of build up, and when you replace those lines it’s amazing how your water pressure can change.

These are a lot of not so pretty things, but taking care of them in prep for your project gets the big stuff out of the way.



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