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Tile and Travel-- Part 3 Design Inspired by Travel

Another significant part of design in many parts of the world is tile. The first recorded use is from the Ancient Egyptians in 4000 BC, so the use of tile is well engrained in many different cultures around the world. While I was traveling, I noticed incredible tile artwork everywhere in from hotels and homes, to markets and amazing outdoor spaces. One thing I really enjoyed was the use of two colors in the scheme and the many ways it could be used.

From lots of colors to simple and monochromatic, tile was used to set off a dining space, tell a story or create a path through a hotel.

Check out this beautiful and simple tile. I love the pattern and the easy checkerboard design. Please notice the pattern-on-pattern design that is done on this floor. I would love this anywhere! Bathroom, kitchen, sunroom, even a laundry room would be a wow space. And please do not miss the black border that follows the outline of the terracotta pavers. You could use the tile as a border and inset hardwoods in the center for a really stunning interior look.

I love the use of the black and white tile throughout the space. Check out the way they have laid the tile in the hallway. The mixing of the patterns is really fun.

Here is yet another great pattern using 12 x 12 tiles. I love this stair-step design that makes an amazing pattern. The diagonal is really pretty! I would love to use this pattern in a dining room.

When transiting from one space to another, having a tile that has a pattern allows you to mix things up. Check out this great use of black and white tile in the kitchen area, and check out the tile on the pizza oven.

I love the vine pattern that is swirling all over the surface.



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