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Tips and trends-- An added bonus!

Making a home is wonderful, exciting and full of challenges. We often inherent pieces of furniture from family members that may or may not match with your decorating ideas. I remember when I first started to decorate my first apartment, many of the pieces came from my family and I loved them a lot. But over time they became tired or just did not fit into the space anymore. One way to make family pieces look new is to paint them!

We’re seeing painted furniture everywhere! And something that has an ash finish or gray color to the wood is really hot. Consider painting a piece of furniture to white, gray or even navy blue. You maintain your favorite color scheme and pass along a family piece. I’m sorry, I think it is really cool to say “that was my grandmother’s …” Also, who says a dresser has to stay a dresser? Think about using pieces in a new way like turning a dresser to a bath vanity or a chest of drawers into an entry table or bar.

Now what to do with all the new trends that hit our market every year? Watching the tips and trends can be as easy as watching the change from silver to brushed gold. That one is as simple as changing the hardware on a few pieces of furniture or the knobs on your kitchen cabinets. Look at your colors and your accent colors. Do you prefer a cool color pallet or a warm? In a cool pallet, you would use shades of blue to carry the temperature throughout the room. If you prefer a warm pallet, you would look to use a red or copper as your target color.

A great way to try out trends in your home is to keep your major pieces classic and add your trends through accessories. If you like to keep your home on the cutting edge of trends, then flip that advice and keep your smaller pieces and accessories to the traditional and family pieces, and make your major pieces the trend-forward pieces.

Any way you want to spin your home and its décor, make sure it says you from the minute you open your front door!



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