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Trends from Las Vegas and Atlanta Markets

Giving your home a fresh look can be as easy as changing your accessories, art, or a rug. Knowing what is current and on trend is very important. When you shop at an accessories store, you are looking at what the buyer feels is current and what will sell. That does not mean those are your only choices. Having a good understanding of what is really available lets you build your own personal style.

I recently traveled to Las Vegas and Atlanta to check out what’s trending right now. There were so many great, trendy finds! Right now, small drink tables are “in.” These were very popular in the 50’s with the martini and great conversation.

Uttermost does a great job showing fresh styles and design opportunities! You can look at sites like this to find inspiration for your space, even if it’s just with something small, like an accent chair or table. Made Goods is another amazing source for drink tables and amazing accessories. To find fresh looks and finds, ask your interior designer! They have all the scoop and point you in the right direction when it comes to trendy pieces.

We are headed in that direction with these fabulous finds! The markets had everything from wood to metal to Lucite. I loved the variety of sizes as well. There were lots of options to fit in whatever space you want.

Another fresh detail is beaded effects. Beads are found everywhere, in strings and macramé, and now they are found on pots, trays, and furniture. Add a few of these, and they’ll give a space a playful look and can be used all year, no matter what season.

I found these really cool trays at Mudpie. They can be stood up or used on an ottoman, and the beaded trim makes them a little more stylish and trendier.

Lucite is another option that is often left out. It allows you to add a shelf or table without adding weight to your space. A & B home have a great Lucite and stone option and Chelsea house has a classic look with the Lucite spin. Caracole does a great sofa table with small ottomans. This is a great way to add seating and accessories to a space.

Across the board, we saw lots of black and white. Adding black to a neutral environment is a great way to add pop, but also think of a deep jet navy. I love this book lamp option; this can be used as a book end or a light in a dark bookcase. Brilliant! This keeps things warm in your color pallet. Uttermost did a great job of having a wide range of product in this color family.

If you have been wondering about the gray and neutral pallet that’s taken over interior design in the last few years, you may not find it in these trendy stores. Right now, there is a shift towards color and personality. Check out some of these amazing options, from big and bold to soft additions, adding color is a great way to show your personality in your space.

Another big trend that is showing up are faces! You may see it on pottery, wall art and various accessories. These can be playful or serious. They’re a great way to add a fun, playful note to a room.

The important part of finding trendy pieces is being ahead of the curve. Many interior designers go to furniture markets, where the latest pieces are on display, so they often know about trends before anyone else!

As we enter the cuddle up season, which is fall, enjoy these tips to make your home special.



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