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Wallpaper, The sky is the limit

Wallpaper has become this amazing textile that can truly be used anywhere, in any size and it can be of anything. Most of us think, oh I can use it in a bath or library to give a room a splash of color or some great texture. But really it can be used everywhere.

When I use a really bold or large-scale pattern, I often use it on an accent wall with the other three painted in a color that compliments the colors in the design.

This is my living room! It’s a smaller space, which to me just means I can really have some fun. This mural-style wallpaper really takes your breath away when you walk in the front door.

Another plus for wallpaper is how it can add drama to a small space or make a big space feel even bigger. One of my favorite places to use wallpaper is on the ceiling. I actually did this in my space in the Julian Price Show House. I applied it on the ceiling of the hallway and the bath.

Reinspire an old or tired tray with a fresh coat of paint and wallpaper in the bottom. You can use a print or imagine a pretty texture with a metallic to create something really special. A vintage secretary desk can be painted with wallpaper added to the back to pop the fresh new color.

The newest unique and cool applications I’m seeing is wallpaper used on staircases and in laundry rooms. I’ve suggested to clients for years to take the time to make their laundry room really fun and special. This can really come to life with wallpaper in a fun and whimsical pattern and cabinets of a different color.

And what about the risers of the stairs- This is incredible!

Do you have questions about tips and tricks for using wallpaper? Send me your thoughts!



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