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Wallpaper, Why Bother?

Clients and friends ask me all the time about wallpaper. Should I put it in? Why the craze? Wait, no I can’t, it will be such a pain to take it out.

We’ve had a love affair with wallpaper since it became popular in the 1940’s. It actually originated in China in the Ming dynasty to protect the walls and keep drafts out. There was a big push for wallpaper in the 40’s after the depression to make things look fresh and new, it gave walls more than a solid color.

Wallpaper came back around in the 70’s and 80’s, some was good and some was bad. We’ve all seen the wallpaper with the hearts and ducks and no one can forget the Waverly craze of ivy! I must admit my kitchen growing up was encrusted in the ivy dream.

Then, wallpaper truly fell out of favor for about the last 20 years. But now wallpaper is back and it is BIG and beautiful. Technology has touched this textile in ways we have never seen. The depth of colors, the patterns and the scale are truly amazing. Metallics, textures and tone-on-tone options really shimmer when light hits it, adding beauty and drama in no other way.

Not only the face of the paper has changed, but so has the back. The paste is actually applied for removal. Most pre-pasted papers have a glue that releases when water is applied to them. It’s important to remember this so you don’t use it in the bathroom, where shower steam would make the glue release. But in a foyer or dining room, they’re perfect for an easy-on and easy-off experience.

Current styles that I love are large graphics and over-sized patterns, like an enormous floral or a city scene. They can really make a space look special. Other favorites are geometrics, metallics and textures.

Think outside the box, and look to use it in the back of a bookcase or furniture piece. We are redoing a tray for a client and adding wallpaper to the bottom for extra drama.

Think bigger than paint and add some incredible wallpaper to your home.



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