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What to do with this blog?

For 3 years I have presented design ideas, seasonal tips, remodeling ideas and great ways to design and decorate your home. As 2023 ended, I had to think about what clients and readers be interested in as we continue moving forward. 

I read 4-8 publications each month learning tips and tricks, design trends and interior design styles to ensure I know what’s coming and what’s current. So, the idea came to share what I see and learn as a sort of directory of ideas and styles that you may or may not like, but will keep you in the know.

This will apply to decorating and design, remodeling and construction tips, and styles that far exceed the everyday style of living. Oh, what fun we will have discovering all the styles and designers that create them.

I also have my personal project list filled with ideas that I want to work on this year. I have a full remodel of my one and only bath coming up. I’m very excited about planning this one and making it incredible!

So, get ready for a really fun year and I want to know what you would like to learn more about.



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