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Entertainment Central--The Fun Never Stops

Let’s keep going on this road of entertainment with some fun furniture to add to the experience. Think about some fun ways to add a bit of spice to the entertainment space and maybe add a bit of fitness to the mix. Creating a fun space that functions is the key for this to work.

What kid wouldn’t want to hang out in here?

The bonus room is a game changer. Creating a space to play board games or any game really is super fun and gets the “stuff” out of your main living space. I am not one of those people who grew up playing card games and board games. I wish I was, because it sounds so fun, I am the master of uno and that is about the extent of my card playing abilities.

When you’re planning a bonus room, think about the games you’re going to be playing and where they’re going to be stored. A farmhouse table with fun chairs is a great place to start, plus it’s a great place to work on school projects. Depending on how large of a farmhouse table you can fit, card games and board games could even be played at the same time.

If you have a smaller space, a tabletop game board is a great piece to add to the top of an ottoman or a small table you want to make larger. Add fun chairs and you have an amazing space to begin the fun! Or if you can combine a couple of games into one board, even better. This whiskey barrel game table is perfect for playing all kinds of games, the sky's the limit.

Now let’s talk storage! Where to keep all these items can be a challenge, but a big stack of fun board games looks great in a corner and invites players to get the fun going. An unused bookcase is another place to tuck games away, but not out of mind.

We’re finally getting into the perfect temperatures that come with the second half of the year (at least in the South). So it’s the perfect time to work on your bonus room or “game space” while the family can get outside for entertainment. Look at games like bocce ball or corn hole to add fun to your day. I was recently in a park at dusk and loved the glow in the dark Frisbees lighting up the night sky. As the weather gets colder, you’ll be prepared for indoor entertainment, family time, and ways to escape.



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