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It’s finally beginning to feel like outdoor weather!

Finally, I think it’s safe to go outside! We have had such a long spring of pollen, and then rain, and then back to the cold weather. But I think we are sage to say we are ready to head outside. Let’s revisit an amazing post from May 9th 2019.

This blog is all about creating an amazing outdoor space for you to enjoy. It’s time to walk outside and enjoy planting flowers and creating your perfect deck or outdoor living space. Before you dive into that blog, check out the cool gadgets that make being outside super fun.

I recently discovered a great mosquito repellent that works for 6 hours on a single charge. We all need help with mosquitos and I am not a big chemical person, so the companies that spray to get rid of mosquitos are not my thing. I am a bee and butterfly person so I need to make sure they are safe.

We all love sound and a beautiful light, think about a great outdoor speaker and a lantern all in one. I love this option that changes color and makes a beautiful sound for you to enjoy.

Last thing, check out these over the wall exterior solar lights. I love the look of these and how amazing these would look over a fence or deck. Overall, I love outdoor lighting and there are so many options! From market lights to solar to electrical. One thing is for sure, lighting is a must.

Take a moment and check out this amazing post and tell me all about your amazing outdoor spaces.



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