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More from Mini Market- Home office and the keeping room

Let’s continue our journey with the mini market and the great things we got to see. A couple of areas where we noticed a lot of attention were the home office and the power of the "keeping room." If you do not know what the keeping room is, it's essentially the big open space that is usually next to the kitchen. Sometimes it has a fireplace, but is often the overflow space off the kitchen allowing the “hang out area” to expand from the kitchen into the keeping room.

I start us off, I just loved this counter height console table with stools to be used behind a sofa, presented by Fairfield Chair. Libby Langdon has really created an amazing look with pieces that work beautifully in the home. What I love is the mixing of form and function. Who says function cannot be beautiful!

We saw some fun flair for the home office in pieces like this waterfall edge desk with plenty of space, and fluffy benches to add a little humor to the space. I love the philosophy that the home office should be fun and functional.

I love the look of the waterfall table. And check out the variety of finishes that are available. These tables can be made to fit any space, from a coffee table to a desk to a dining table to counter height. We found this at Fairfield Chair and thought of tons of places to use the pieces.

Mini market was so fun and exciting to see what vendors where doing. The trends are hard to capture, but I feel we have a small sample of things to come!



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