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What is Furniture Market all about…

Updated: Apr 22

If you are from around here, The High Point Furniture market happens twice a year. Most people get irritated by the traffic and the crowds in the restaurants, and let’s not mention the pricing thing.

For me the Furniture Market is the best time of the year! From new styles and trends to seminars and classes to learn the hottest options in technology, marketing and branding. But it is also the best time to see, touch and sit on the furniture, art, rugs and accessories clients will be looking for.

Many of the lines we carry, and present are not represented in North Carolina. This gives us and the client a bit of exclusivity. I love showing fabrics and styles that are not readily available. Art that is not in a big box store, rugs that make a statement when added to a room, and lighting that is truly one of a kind.

When you pair market and an interior designer, you have so many options at your fingertips. Great, but what does this do for me? It brings one-of-a-kind options to your home. Please remember stores are stocked to sell to a particular market. If your style and taste does not fall in the buyers choices, you are stuck with the buyers choices.

Furniture Market is when all the options are on the table. New and upcoming trends are being presented for review and to see if the ideas bring in sales. Also, there are new vendors that come to market to present their products and ideas to see if they will stick. A perfect example of this is the peel and stick wallpaper we all love. I was first exposed to the idea 10 years ago by a company called Tempura. They were small and had a big idea, now every wallpaper company has a line of temporary wallpaper, along with Lowes, Home Depot and even Target carry temporary wallpaper. Don’t you wish you had!

The best part about Furniture Market is the opportunity to see and experience fresh ideas. There are 3 things I like to do while at Furniture Market. I love to check out the direction of colors. We all have had the experience of gray, I am willing to believe you have gray in your home, from rugs to art to furniture. Gray when viewed at market, is nowhere to be seen. Try finding a gray and white rug, almost impossible.

Another is furniture. What does it look like, what are the trends like motion, and massage.  Stepping away from the sectional and going back to the feel of a sofa and chairs. I am seeing this because of the open floor plan and they want to change the look of the room. A sectional can only be in one position. The last is the direction of trends 7-10 years down the road. I love this so much for my clients who are looking for a fresh look and feel that will last longer with their investment.

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