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Wine and Design

Let’s continue down the path of wine storage and design. There are so many options to explore for ways to include wine into a space while incorporating it into to design of your room. Using a piece of furniture to store the wine and accessories allows you to hide it plain sight.

Some creative ways are to use an old buffet, an end table, or even a chest of drawers. You could replace the drawers in a chest with the wine cutouts to hold the bottles. This would also let you reuse a piece of family furniture in a new way (which we talked about here!)

If you really want to have some fun, look at an old card catalog from a library. You would be able to completely catalog all your treasure.

Another fun way to store wine is on a revolving column. This could be placed in the dining room, bonus room, or tasting room, and would be an amazing conversation piece.

I also loved this idea for storing wine under the stairs. I know we all may not have this much space, but if you are in a new construction situation, this could be something to plan for. The size of the actual storage would be dictated by the stairs, but this is such a fun statement!

If you are looking for a really pretty way to add some wine storage to an existing cabinet, check out this shelf that adds interest to your existing cabinetry. This is an idea I am going to store away for my kitchen refresh!

The last things to consider are the tools of the trade, like openers, corks, and decanters. These can be simple or complicated, decorative or utilitarian. It’s all up to you. To get you started with the basics, here is a look at the simple and easy tools that can be tucked into a drawer and brought out when needed.

Think about a pretty glass bowl to hold the corks. These create a conversation piece, and if you like to save your memories with a glass of wine, remove the cork and write the date and the occasion on it.

Later, when you have collected a few, you can make a garland with beads between. This can be placed in a bowl or kept for the holidays. It brings back memories every time.



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