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Blending After Getting Married-- Set Your Style!

I know most kids are living together long before they get married, and I call them kids because they are 30 years younger than me, and YES, I do design for people in their 20s. At some point, you are going to want to create a style and look that is all about you and your new life together.

As we move through the different stages of a relationship, so does the way we live. The living room and kitchen seem to fare pretty well in getting set up, but the master bedroom seems to always be the last place we put our attention. I personally feel the master bedroom should be one of the first.

A bedroom should be sexy, romantic, and welcoming. The best part is you don’t need a lot of money to make this happen. When you are just starting out, money can be tight (or maybe not), but having a nice bed and mattress is key to creating a great new space.

The next is soft, great bedding. Sheets that are more than 400 thread count, a blanket that feels amazing yet lightweight, and a down duvet to cuddle up with when needed. And let’s not forget the pillows! They should be a variety of thicknesses and softness so you can create a perfect combination for sleep!

Then comes lighting and creating the perfect ambience. And of course, color on the walls. Soft and dramatic! That is my key to success. Look at colors that are not a neutral but a soft true color, like a gray based lavender or blue or even a green. These are relaxing spa colors that will help to bring the room together.

Mixing styles is all about asking the questions and being open to try new styles and seeing where it leads you.


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