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Bring on the holidays

Normally I’m hesitant to get too crazy with the Christmas feel until after Thanksgiving, but this year I am all in! I went to my daughter’s house over the weekend and her tree is up and the dining room is set with the cutest little village. From that point on, I had the bug. I can really see the look of the two holidays together and it’s definitely possible to create a holiday season that flows from one to the other.

So let's explore how to do that! Usually when you decorate it can be a bit of a flurry and most things go back into the same place as last year. But with the extended decorating season, items can be brought out in a controlled pace to create a fresh look. I can totally understand if you want to hold the tree until after Thanksgiving, but that lets you enjoy bringing touches of Christmas to other spaces and keep the look of Thanksgiving as well.

If you have a mantle, I would suggest you go ahead and bring on the Christmas. Think about the pretty lights and Christmas cheer. Maybe hold the stockings to go up with the tree.

The kitchen is another place that Christmas could abound and create that wonderful feel. The trends this year are the black and white in just about everything, silver and cracked ice accessories, with little villages and houses scattered throughout. Another way to add a fresh dash of Christmas is to add a special set of dishes or colored charger.

In the end, we have a wonderful opportunity with this extended holiday decorating season to enjoy the process and not be rushed through the season. Enjoy!


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